Save Mountains of Money with a Home Inspection

Let’s put together a scenario: you’ve been looking to buy a home and We found THE PERFECT one.

The seller accepted our offer and we’re in escrow! Exciting!

Now the real fun begins! 

One of the first (and arguably most important) escrow timeframes is your Investigation Contingency Period. This is when you perform your “due diligence” to ensure the home & its systems are functioning properly as well as go through a stack of seller disclosures. 

(Don’t worry we’ll help you work through all of this!)

A key component of the Investigation Contingency Period is your General Home Inspection. This 3rd party professional goes through every nitty-gritty detail of the house from the attic to the crawl space, over the course of a couple hours, to identify any & all issues with the home. 

Like any profession, not all inspectors are made equal, and generally, you get what you pay for! 

The price of a general home inspection depends on your local market, size of the home, what type of foundation it sits on, and any special equipment/features like a pool or solar system, for example. 

Here in San Diego, a typical home inspection will cost anywhere from $300-$600

Here in San Diego, a typical home inspection will cost anywhere from $300-$600 and is paid out of pocket by the buyer. 

As mentioned previously, you get what you pay for, so it’s crucial to use a recommended inspector who’s thorough. 

Imagine smoothly going through the buying process, you move into your new home and then the first storm hits and now water is pouring through the roof at a weak point that went under the radar. That might’ve been nice to know about right?

Catching problems during the investigation contingency period can save you thousands of dollars & a lot of headaches down the line when problems go unnoticed! It’s almost always cheaper & easier to address issues early before they can cause extended damage. Imagine the additional repairs needed if water gets in through the roof in our previous example.

Catching problems during the investigation contingency period can save you thousands of dollars

General Home Inspections can often come back with red flags like these. Once we know what’s wrong, we can order further special inspections (if needed) to get a more detailed picture of the problem, I’ll bring in a licensed contractor to identify the cost for the repair, and we can likely negotiate with the seller(s) to resolve the issue!

We only recommend the best inspectors who help us identify issues upfront so we can either negotiate with the seller and have those items addressed quickly in order to get you to the finish line and deliver you your house keys! And of course you need a strong agent to help you do that! Are you ready to make your next move? Let’s Connect!

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