Luke Hanson

Agent / Contractor

Luke was born and raised in rural Wisconsin and has always had a great interest in real estate. Luke started building homes in the early 2000’s and enjoyed great success before moving to San Diego. Along the path of Luke’s success, he has developed a strong work ethic and hands-on approach to every endeavor he takes on, this has served him very well in his career. Luke moved to San Diego in the Spring of 2010; when he first arrived, he met a number of real estate professionals who quickly befriended him and encouraged him to pursue a career in real estate. Luke’s building experience, paired with his impeccable communication skills, sales skills and work ethic, are the perfect combination to create the thriving success he enjoys as a realtor today. Luke has proven himself to be extremely knowledgeable of the local market and his clients truly appreciate his happy-to-help, client-comes-first approach to assisting them with all their real estate needs.