Luke Middleton

Owner | Real Estate Agent

I LOVE talking about myself (heavy sarcasm). Who doesn’t? Just kidding. Writing a bio about yourself is odd. Especially if you write it in the 3rd person “Luke grew up in the Midwest where…”. It’s just odd. But I have to do it, so here goes:

I grew up a Midwesterner. Good ol’ Midwestern values. Family first, being polite, saying hello to random people on the street, opening doors for my wife, those types of things. I also grew up in a real estate family. My mom (real estate agent) and her partner have been buying, remodeling and selling homes since I can remember. My weekends often included various jobs around the current project. Landscaping, painting, the easy stuff a kid could do.

I graduated from Purdue University (Boiler Up!) on December 23rd, 2003 and was working in California by December 29th. I got out of dodge as quickly as possible. Peace out, Indiana.

My good friend got me hitched up with a national home builder. At the time (2003) this home builder was churning out 4 homes a day. Seriously, 4 homes each day. I started on the customer service/construction side, moved into new home sales shortly thereafter and started selling high rises in downtown San Diego. After selling out those condos I transitioned into traditional resale and never looked back.

I joined Canter Companies in 2008 where I spent the bulk of my career. Within that company, I helped buy, sell, remodel, build and invest in over 500 homes (150 in SD). I then helped build what is now Canter Brokerage where I hired and trained agents, marketed the company, and all the other not so exciting things you have to do to run a brokerage. After handing off the reigns of the brokerage I transitioned back into a traditional agent (Yeah!!).  I was then recruited as head of sales for Renovation Realty where I taught agents how the remodel process works and how it can make the most money for our clients.  I’m now the proud team leader of The Middleton Group where we help clients buying, selling, remodeling and now run a successful investment firm buying properties and lending money to other investors.

What you get with me is an honest, hard-working, and a very experienced agent. I’m an expert negotiator, can be bull-nosed when needed and heavy-hearted just the same. I’m an expert marketer using a mix of traditional and new age methods. I’m a non-certified non-licensed therapist, so if you’re a little bit crazy, I can dig it. We’re all a little crazy, that’s what makes it fun!

So now that I’ve rambled on and eventually called you crazy, give me a call! Seriously though, call me. Let me make you money.